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My Journey to Vibrant Living

Buttons “popping” on my shirt, feet “flowing” over my shoes, joints “creaking” in pain, these were the observable physical signs my body was experiencing. The silent ones tagging along were unexplained fatigue, brain fog, bouts of depression coupled with moments of anxiety, unrealistic weight gain, and major sleep disturbances disrupting my daily function. “Who is this person?” I thought to myself. I was always the happy one, the go-getter, the optimist, the mover and shaker. Not anymore. I didn’t think I was really sick though like needing a prescription to make all of this disappear. So, now what do I do? There was no “magic pill” that I knew of. What are we guilty of when we have questions and don’t know who to ask? Google it! I grabbed my computer and the web surfing commenced.

Holy Cow! Simple sounding emotion but really should be written HOOOOOLLLLLLYYYYY CCCCOOOOWWWWW! Yes, let it roll off your tongue! I really couldn’t believe that I wasn’t alone. I was learning about people’s stories, learning about health information, learning about nutrition, learning about supplements, learning about fitness, learning about functional medicine, learning, learning, learning. Learning that there was a whole new way to approach my life that didn’t have a pharmacy prescription written on a notepad. Rather, my “prescription” was to change my lifestyle. Too simple of an answer I questioned.

In addition to my yearning for learning, there is also the suspicious skeptic in me. How could all of these unexplained symptoms be related to food yet also treated with food? How could years of suffering be caused by what’s on the end of my fork? I had been a recipient of conventional medicine practice where prescriptions in pill form were the only cure to body malfunctions. How could grains and other food groups be the root cause of so much health devastation? I needed proof. So back to the computer I went looking for a practitioner to validate my curiosity. I had one of those “meant to be moments”. I was listening to a podcast discussing these topics and “SCORE!”, the doctor being interviewed was within 2 hours of me which was a huge win living in the Midwest. After my initial consultation, lab tests were performed to validate that the root causes of my conditions were related to the uneducated food choices I was making along with hormonal and gut imbalances. Changing my lifestyle certainly wouldn’t hurt me in any way so I decided to take the wheel, “captain my ship”, and steer in a healthy direction.

My journey of incorporating whole food, sensible exercise, robust sleep and time to wind down are yielding the health results I had been searching for. This was not an overnight success story! It truly was setting a course in a healthy direction and allowing my body to transform along the way. I can look back a decade ago and unexplained symptoms now make perfect sense. I didn’t need any more proof…I was my own proof!

So, the answer was simple.

By adhering to the Primal Compass directions of Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Wind down, I was able transform myself back to the “old me” which is really the “new me” and I really like her!

P.S. That’s my why! Why I needed to transform my life and how I did it. To me, living is different than vibrant living. What once felt like a chore is now just part of daily living. I have the vitality, strength and endurance to fully function every day. I continue to take my health to an optimal level by staying on my course. I invite you to untie the ropes securing your ship, gas up those engines, and set the course for vibrant living!

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