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"Direction is so much more important than speed." - Anonymous

“A health coach educates, motivates and guides clients toward lifestyle and behavior choices that support optimal well-being.” – PHCI

What Is Primal Compass?

Primal Compass is a 360 degree approach to guide health and well-being in the right direction. It harbors the primal principles of eating whole unprocessed foods, exercising for a lean strong physique, sleeping to aid in recovery, and creating personal time to balance life. The cardinal points of Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Wind Down are the coordinates used to navigate a custom-designed primal lifestyle.

As vessels, our bodies are premanufactured with a genetic code. Fixed traits that we inherit from our parents such as eye and hair color, height, body type, hip size, etc. do not allow us to control these genes. We do, however, have influence on the genes responsible for fat storage, immune function, muscle development, inflammation, and cellular function. What you eat and how you exercise are common factors considered for general health. How well you sleep and how you relax can significantly impact the degree of your success.

By analyzing your position relative to the compass, all four coordinates are considered while heading in a particular direction. Turbulent waters are bound to come your way simply because life happens. Will you let them capsize your boat or will you gracefully float over the top and glide back on your heading? As captain, navigating with the primal compass, you will steer your ship successfully and stay on course for vibrant living!

“Food is Fuel. Fill your tanks with the right stuff.” – Anonymous


Your health journey begins by filling the nutrition tanks with whole unprocessed foods rich in nutrients. We want to put clean burning fat as fuel in those chambers for optimal performance. There will be no need to eat frequent high carb meals to support your sputtering blood glucose levels. Once your vessel is accustomed to running on fat and depending less on sugar, the cravings for sweet treats will fade. The role of insulin and the impact of industrial seed oils on our body mechanics will be examined. Consuming foods promoting high insulin levels creates a ripple effect with excess calorie consumption, inhibited energy burning and excess fat storage. Chemically altered trans and partially hydrogenated fats oxidize in our bodies causing damage to cell membranes and other tissue in our cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems as well as our brains. Your galley (kitchen) will be equipped with fresh fruits and vegetables, grass fed meats, pasture raised eggs, healthy oils, nuts and seeds, full fat diary, responsibly sourced fish, and a variety of herbs and spices. As captain, you will come to understand how and why certain foods or food groups effect how your engines are running.

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate.” – Anonymous


We’ve been programmed to think that the typical huffing, puffing and suffering of chronic cardio for hours is necessary to combat obesity. These overly stressful aerobic workouts lead to fatigue, suppressed immune function, failed weight loss and burnout. By over participating in extreme intensity workouts, we tend to overcompensate those efforts in the hours that follow with an increased amount of calories to replenish depleted blood glucose and muscle glycogen leading to failed weight loss attempts. Our genes really crave moving frequently at a slow comfortable pace that may include walking, hiking, easy cycling, or another type of light aerobic exercise. When you hike, walk, or pedal at a comfortable pace, your body is burning mostly fat as its fuel. Our genes also expect to be challenged with brief, intense workouts to help build muscle strength, speed, and power. Keeping the intensity high and the duration short allows for adequate recovery. Full body, sweeping, functional movements are suggested rather than exercises that isolate specific body parts. Functional training compliments every day movement patterns, athletic performance and physical labor. Lifting heavy things builds explosive strength and promotes anti-aging hormones to be released in the body. Learning how to efficiently exercise coupled with how the body burns its fuel will ignite those engines to use fat as its energy rather than sugar.

“Sometimes the best way to recharge our batteries is to unplug them.” – Anonymous


Sleep allows the body to recharge its batteries. A good night’s sleep is crucial for weight loss, peak performance and longevity. Testosterone and other adaptive hormones repair organs, strengthen and rebuild muscles while we sleep. During sleep, our bodies send out the “cleaning crew”, white blood cells, to mop up the waste in our cells that have been accumulating throughout the day. Sleep is an integral component of proper immune and metabolic functioning, growth, and tissue and muscle repair. It aids in our cognitive and social interactions, memory, and our emotional wellbeing. Sleep deficit may lead to weight gain by affecting how the body processes and stores carbohydrates. Insufficient sleep can impede our concentration, our mood, and our memory retention making us more irritable and less productive during the day. A good night sleep keeps the brain and body firing on all cylinders making you feel refreshed and energized!

“By slowing down at the right moments, people find they do everything better: they eat better, they work better, they exercise better and they live better.” – Anonymous

Wind Down:

Finding time to throttle back the gear shift in our lives is often overlooked. Our culture dictates we’re busy from the time our feet hit the floor in the morning until we fall back in bed at night. The lack of personal time is negated by the constant contact with social media, computer screens, cell phones and email notifications. Our brains and body need time to unplug. We need time to reconnect with ourselves and with our loved ones. When we are constantly stressed, our bodies react as though it is under attack, going into emergency mode and diverting resources essential for survival. Spend time doing something you like, moments carved out for balancing the rough seas in life. It can be through meditation, getting out in nature, reading a book, visiting friends, sipping coffee, hanging out with family or whatever it is that floats your boat and allows you time to idle and breathe.

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